Monday, March 11, 2013

He Bani Gani

He Bani Gani, a Camp Fire group from Pasadena, Maryland, singing at the Maryland Folklife Festival in July of 1976.

At the far left are the leader, J. Leah N. Culp Berlin, and her assistant, Nancy Horner. Members of the group included:

Didi Culp
Brenda Meakins
Lisa Wiesner
Kathy Piper
Sandy Elliot
Wendy Culp Blount
Colleen Nitsch
Page Brannon
Laurie Piper
Rita Nitsch
Karen Culp Burleson.

Wendy Blount corrected the list above.  The following people must have been in the group, but not in the photograph.
Karen Culp
Sharon Gonzales
Nancy Harper
Rita Witsch [Nitsch]

Photograph taken by festival photographer, either July 10 or 11.  Leah Culp shared her experiences for the book.


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  2. Thanks for the names - I don't think I ever knew who everyone was. If you'd like a scan of the original photos, send me an email at and you can pass it on to whoever you know.

  3. Thank you so much. We have an original print of the photo. I am still in contact with a number of girls in the group, as well as assistant leader Nancy Horner. I will pass your message along. Many precious He Bani Gani memories. Good times.